Based on its many years of experience Hercher Metallbau has the know-how required to repair and to make your transport equipment “fit for purpose” again to your complete satisfaction.

Depending on the workload the repair work can range from welding-over of holes and cracks, the repair or separation from damaged skids and welding on new skids. Here we place great importance on watertight and brushed welding seams.

Once the goods have been received and examined, a suitable and individual quotation of costs will be prepared and sent to you.


Ice cold against dirt – gently to the surface! Our specific cleaning procedure with dry ice removes oils, grease, wax, glue and other staining chemical-free, gentle on the material and environmental friendly.

Dry Ice is CO² (carbon dioxide) in solidified form and an odorless, non-toxic gas. For several years, dry-ice pellets are being used as an effective blasting agent. The dry-ice pallets with a size up to 3mm / 0.11inch are accelerated by means of compressed air at 150 m/s which can reach even the smallest corners. Through high speed and cold conditions with around -79°C the dirt freezes and starts to crack. The pallets penetrate the unwanted cracks in the surface lifting out the dust and dirt. This is a particularly effective method to remove nearly any dirt gently and thoroughly.

With this process, no additional chemicals or blasting agent are being needed nor used, which is why these proceedings are particularly environmentally friendly and great for sensitive surfaces. Since the dry-ice completely sublimates, no residue remains on the surface or the material.


You would like to modify or adjust an existing pallet? No problem! Whether you need to refit your pallets from cross- to lengthwise struts, modifying the skid construction or in need of an additional security rim – We got your back. We are convinced that we find an individual solution to match your requirements perfectly.